Welcome to PaintedVultureTattoo.com!

Website directory, purpose, and general introduction

2/28/20231 min read

Hello and welcome to the launch of PaintedVultureTattoo.com! You can use this website to view my work, sign up for my newsletter, check out reviews, and get more information on booking your appointment.

This website is currently divided into 5 main sections, which can be accessed through the top menu:

Home: This section is a brief overview of the website and contains a space to sign up for the newsletter as well as a small gallery of my work. There's links to other sections of the website through this main page, so it's easy to scroll through and find specific information.

Artist: This section is a short, get-to-know-me style page. Getting a little bit of information about your artist before your appointment can help ease any pre-tattoo jitters. Always feel free to ask more about me through instagram!

Booking: Here you can find links to my two forms of booking appointments- email and instagram. Please use whichever method you are most comfortable with! I've included instructions for both under each link.

Reviews: I'm always looking for client feedback on their appointment experience! Under this section you can read reviews from my happy clients and what they have to say about me. If you are one of my clients, this is also where you can leave your review! Reviews are always HIGHLY appreciated, I love hearing from my clients!!

Blog: This is where you are now! A space where I'll post a monthly blog article about getting tattoos, being a tattoo artist, and general tattoo topics. Sign up for my newsletter for blog updates, that month's special discount or event, and an exclusive early look at select flash pieces. If there's any blog topics you'd really love to see from me, please send me a DM over @painted_vulture_tattoo on instagram with your topic.

The website will also host secret pages only accessible through the monthly newsletter, like the early sneak peeks for this month's special pre-drawn designs. Make sure to scroll down below and sign up so you don't miss anything!

Thank you for visiting the website! See you next month for the latest blog article!